Your Nettle Score is a score from 0 to 100 which measures how active you are in supporting our ethical partner brands. The score takes into account multiple factors, including:

  • Your activity on the Nettle platform

  • How frequently you share ethical recommendations with friends

  • How often friends accept your ethical recommendations

Here are three quick ways for you to improve your Nettle score.

1. Upvote and downvote brands

We want to give you a voice to hold brands to account and to let us know whether you think brands are doing good or doing bad for the planet. From time to time we give you an opportunity to upvote or downvote brands and share your thoughts on what they are getting up to.

Click here and we’ll send you a vote once a week by email. All you have to do is click up for good, down for bad it could take less than 1 second. Your score will improve each time you take part!

2. Share brand recommendations with friends

The quickest way to improve your score is by sharing brand recommendations with friends. To do this, find a brand you think your friends may be interested in and click earn now on the brand’s page. You’ll be sent a unique link that can be shared with them - using this link makes sure we can track your Nettle Score accurately as well reward you once the recommendation has been accepted.

Try it out now with one of our most popular partner brands, Bulb.

3. Suggest new brands

As with point 1, we want to make sure the brands we partner with are aligned with your values. Suggest new partner brands  to join the platform and watch your Nettle Score increase rapidly. We’ll even give you a £50 reward if the brand suggestion meets our criteria and becomes an active partner.

Start suggesting new brands here.