Our core values

For us, good products are those doing good things for society or the environment while providing excellent value and service to their customers. 

We work with our partners along with accreditation bodies to make sure that each of our partners is contributing to at least one of our core values either through their primary product/service, or through how they operate


Greater access to economic opportunity for all of society through:

  • Wider access to basic necessities 

  • Improved access to education & skills

  • Progressive hiring practises

  • Enabling alternative sources of income


More effective and available support for physical and mental health through:

  • Medical advances in treatment

  • Easier access to care

  • Greater awareness of mental health

  • Supportive employee health policies


Stronger empowerment of individuals from under-served groups of society through: 

  • Education & training for under-served

  • Equal opportunities employers

  • Empowering products for women

  • Diversity & inclusion policies


Greater consideration of and support for local stakeholders through: 

  • Local supply chain

  • Community partnership schemes

  • Employing under-served ​job seekers

  • Community-led technology


Smarter and more sustainable management of our climate through:

  • Low carbon production

  • Low carbon consumption

  • Carbon offsetting & impact investing

  • Climate change business policy


Greater waste reduction and solutions to the problems of existing waste through:

  • Product recycling

  • Low waste production technologies

  • Single-use plastic alternatives

  • Sharing economy


Lower air, water, soil, noise and light pollution through:

  • Responsible production practises

  • Advances in cleaner chemicals

  • Greater awareness & measurement

  • Non-combustion energy

Did we miss something?

Is there something you care about which we've missed in our core values? 


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